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Men of all ages in New Mexico have access specialized treatment geared toward their unique health needs.

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McLeod Medical Centers of NM is proud to provide comprehensive men’s health services to children and adults of Cedar Crest, Moriarty, and Edgewood. Men of all ages in New Mexico have access specialized treatment geared toward their unique health needs. We are proud to offer exceptional health services for men at all three of our locations. Appointments can be conveniently scheduled online or over the phone. We welcome all walk-ins no matter the case and our team of physicians will provide swift treatment without the long wait patients find in the emergency room.

The Importance of Men’s Health Services

Gender-specific healthcare is necessary for men and women. Unfortunately, many men believe that it is not important for them to visit their physician for routine evaluation. This opinion cannot be farther from the truth. Men benefit from regular and routine healthcare assessments to ensure that they continue living happy, healthy lives. These health services are designed not only to help men manage their current quality of health but to also proactively prevent other health conditions from occurring. By assessing and monitoring certain areas of the body, physicians can advise men of the lifestyle changes they need to make to preserve their health. For instance, high blood pressure is a serious concern for men. If left untreated, it could result in risks of heart attack, stroke, or kidney failure. Thankfully, many of the results found through consistent health checks can be monitored and managed to reduce the risk of these serious conditions occurring.

Men’s Health Service Offered

New Mexico men require exceptional healthcare resources for their entire body. We are committed to providing comprehensive treatment that tends to the needs of men from childhood and puberty through adulthood. From cardiac health to sexual health and everything in between, our qualified physicians are ready to treat men from all backgrounds and family health history. Our health services for men include:

  • Low Testosterone Treatments
  • Screenings for Heart Disease
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Cancer Screening
Men's Health Care Services in New Mexico

Preserving the Health of New Mexico Men

At McLeod Medical Centers of NM, we believe that all men deserve healthcare targeted to their unique needs. Our facilities in Moriarty, Cedar Crest, and Edgewood are equipped to help men of all ages continue living happy and healthy lives. Schedule an appointment or walk-in today to receive the men’s health services you need to preserve your health for years to come.

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