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Physical Exams in Edgewood, Moriarty, & Cedar Crest, NM

Visit McLeod Medical Centers for Your Annual Physical Exam, DOT Physical, Sports or School Physical, and Even Well Woman Exam. We Have 3 Locations in Edgewood, Moriarty & Cedar Crest, NM. Please Do Not Hesitate to Call Us Today!

Physical Exams in Edgewood, Moriarty, & Cedar Crest, NM

Annual physical exams are often required for school age children, but they can be an important diagnostic tool for adults. It is easy to take our health for granted and avoid making an appointment for an annual check-up as we get older, but taking time each year to focus on yourself and your health can be useful for you and your doctor in creating a baseline for any health exams you may need in the future, as well as for spotting problems before they become more serious. At McLeod Medical Centers, our physicians are proud to offer physical exams, sports and school physicals, and well woman exams at all 3 of our convenient locations.

As adults, many of us tend to only call our family doctors after we’ve become sick. We visit our local clinic when we have the flu or bronchitis, or if we need a prescription for an infection. But when you only see a doctor for a specific medical issue, it can often be difficult for them to notice if there are other health problems that should be monitored. Regular screenings and physical exams can help discover symptoms of diabetes, cardiac issues, blood pressure problems, and even cancer. When it comes to issues like these, early detection can make a big difference in the treatment options you might have.

McLeod Medical Centers are also proud to offer comprehensive school and sports exams for children. Our primary care doctors have the experience you want in someone who is treating your child. We can offer guidance and support as your child ages and their needs change, as well as provide you with peace of mind before your child participates in school sports. We also offer a full range of vaccinations for school age children.

The female body requires specialized medical care, and at McLeod Medical Centers, we happily offer well woman exams for women of all ages. These comprehensive exams will consist of a breast exam and a pelvic exam and depending on your age or whether you are sexually active may also include a pap smear. These exams can provide early detection for issues like cervical dysplasia and breast cancer, which is why we suggest women take time to receive these exams every year.

At McLeod Medical Centers, our expert primary care physicians and medical staff know that each of our patients is different, and no one size fits all approach to healthcare exists. When you come to one of our 3 locations for a physical exam, we want you to feel comfortable so that you can discuss any concerns you may have honestly with your doctor. Our entire staff is dedicated to creating a warm and welcoming office environment, and treating each patient with the kindness, compassion, and respect they deserve.

At McLeod Medical Centers, our expert physicians and staff are committed to providing exceptional medical care to each of our patients. If you are interested in receiving a physical exam or well woman exam in or around Edgewood, Moriarty, or Cedar Crest, NM, please call one of our 3 convenient locations today, or simply walk in to see a doctor when it best suits your schedule.



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