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Many adults in New Mexico require minor surgical services from time to time for a varying number of urgent or scheduled reasons. Thankfully, many of these procedures can be performed outside of a hospital. McLeod Medical Centers of NM can provide a range of surgical procedures to provide relief for your mild to moderate health condition. Our Edgewood, Moriarty, and Cedar Crest facilities are open seven days a week. Staffed with the equipment and surgical specialists you need, we’re ready to deliver exceptional surgical care by appointment or through walk-in admittance. With McLeod Medical Centers of NM, you don’t have to wait in an emergency room or get admitted to a hospital to responsibly take care of your minor surgical issues.

Surgical Services McLeod Med in NMMinor Health Conditions That Require Surgical Relief

When most people think of surgery, images of operating rooms in a hospital often come to mind. However, surgical procedures are actually quite varied in range. In fact, many minor procedures are completed at urgent care clinics and private practices. The term surgery includes the treatment of any injury or disorder which is completed via incision and manipulation of the body. Open-heart surgery and hemorrhoid removal are both considered types of surgery. Minor surgeries may be used to treat the removal of lipoma, cysts and skin cancer. We treat all of these issues and more with surgical services at McLeod Medical Centers of NM.

Why Speedy Surgery is Necessary

Physicians will never recommend surgery if there is an alternative way to find relief from your symptoms. Unfortunately, some health issues can only be solved through surgical intervention. While even minor surgery may seem like a worrisome thought, it’s not wise for you allow with certain conditions to go untreated. Lipomas and cysts can be painful and disrupt your quality of life. Hemorrhoids are susceptible to blood clots and can make bodily functions painful. Skin cancers can spread and cause more severe stages of cancer. These small issues can cause significant problems therefore typically best for your long-term health to have them removed.

McLeod Medical Centers of NM is ready to provide the surgical relief you require to get back to living a pain-free life. Our three facilities are equipped with surgical specialists who are extensively trained to complete these minor procedures. Schedule an appointment or visit either of our locations in Edgewood, Cedar Crest, and Moriarty for the convenient surgical services you need.

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